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Keep control of your images with MediaStamp!

Dear photographers, designers, all image contributors and everyone who is concerned about their image protection!

We are excited to post first news about technology called MediaStamp!

Concept of MediaStamp is to bind photo or any image and its creator together forever. Sometimes it is really hard to prove that you are original creator or right holder. Registering a copyright for your work is not a perfect solution. And that actually takes a lot of time.

MediaStamp provides that type of service. Now contributor can just embed to an image any information he wants to it.

“The encoded information is invisible. Nobody knows about the code but you. The image doesn’t change at all.”

So, using our service you just encode an information to image. And in the future you can easily prove that you are actual creator by taking that information “out” of any image copy.

Also, by taking advantage of opportunity to embed any information we are planning to save in picture a data about new right holder and permitted variants of image copy use.

“Pirates can’t see it, they can’t edit it and they can’t remove it. You don’t need to register a copyright anymore. MediaStamp provides complete protection to your work. The coolest thing about MediaStamp is that it’s free. Forever. So join us in the fight against those pirates. Get MediaStamp for your pictures. Start to keep control of your images! Track the history of your photos with the Media Stamp!”